Choosing the Best Bitcoin Tumbler Service

The Bitcoin Tumbler Service, or what’s commonly called crypto mixer, has safeguarded people from the dangers of being in the seemingly safe but hostile environment of the world wide web.

Choosing the best Bitcoin tumbling service is ultimately anchored to what specific needs you would want to get. Do you need secure access to investments or just for casual anonymity? Or is a geo-shift of your locations necessary? Whatever your preferences for a Bitcoin Mixer service are, the most important thing is that it gives you anonymity and security for your coins and wallet. So how should you choose your cryptocurrency mixer? Please read on.

  • Reputation. A service already established reputation and trust in the crypto community.

  • Anonymity. How anonymous and privacy-respecting the platform is.

  • Fee size. The amount of fee required for mixes and the users’ control, or the lack of it on the fee.

  • Unique features. Support for advanced features such as Delayed output, mixing code, etc.

  • Logs policy. If the Bitcoin mixer keeps logs, and if it does, how long.

  • Easy Interface. What’s the use of service when you don’t even understand how to navigate it. The best Bitcoin Mixer services have intuitive UI’s where you don’t need to read books or scour the internet on how to do things on the app. It just naturally comes to you. Hackers and tech geniuses do not only use Bitcoin Mixer but ordinary people too. So there would always be crypto mixer services that are more user-friendly to the layman.